Stellar for Dubbing brings a full suite of professional dubbing tools, directly to your web browser.

Created for professional recording engineers and voice artists in collaboration with industry experts.

No specialist equipment required, for Voice Artists just plug an audio input into your PC or Mac, and run Stellar for Dubbing in a Chrome browser.

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Just like being in the studio, while working from home:

  • Instant video and audio synchronisation
  • Engineer has full control of Voice Talent audio levels and settings
  • Script edits updated immediately to all users
  • Integrated Intercom with full level and mute controls
  • Record one or many voice artists in a session, even from different locations.
  • Have multiple sessions working on a common script.
  • Sync recoded audio between sessions.
  • Support for eight audio tracks (4 stereo or 8 mono)
  • Restart Sessions in seconds.

Work in studio, remotely or a hybrid of the two.

  • Minimize travel time
  • Save on physical studio costs
  • Set up or resume sessions in moments
  • Hybrid working:
    • For example, Voice Artist and Engineer in the studio with Director and Script Editor joining in from remote locations.
  • Utilises industry standard (DAW) hotkeys for common functions.
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Lip-sync dubbing and Voice-over

  • Full script editing and adaptation controls
  • Rythmoband display over or under the video
  • Full control of text size and speed and style
  • Multiple Takes with trim and slip
  • Loop and punch in recording

Multiple output formats

  • Mix to a range of audio styles
  • With or without program audio
  • Add dubbing or voice-overs directly to MP4 media files
  • Deliver an Audio Job as a single zip file contain the script and all audio files
  • Output as a ProTools Project file.
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Multiple language support

  • Supports almost all world languages and script systems.
  • Open many language files at the same time
  • Use Machine Translation to assist translators
  • Check adaptation timing between languages


  • Media can be streamed or downloaded
  • Multiple media protection options
    • Encryption
    • Watermarking
    • Two Factor Authentication
    • Full industry standard DRM.
    • MediaSeal supported
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Click to start using Stellar now with €20 free credit.