Corona -19 Virus Status – Yella Umbrella will be operating as normal.

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Dear friends and colleagues in the media industry,


We understand that the primary motive at the moment is to minimize the spread of the virus and to keep our loved ones safe. By working from home we can all help in this, and in many ways a lot of us can now do so thanks to on-line tools and superfast connections.


To help you all in keeping your businesses running we are offering all our Stellar and Nebula tools with larger trial credits of 10 per user (max 20 users) and a day’s free consultancy (normally worth 1000) to companies.

By their nature Stellar and Nebula are distributed systems that you can run on any machine at any time. There are no dongles and no machine locked licences. Use any machine, Windows, Mac or Linux, anywhere at any time with no upfront or monthly cost. There are no user limits, you can have one user or 1000s.


Stellar provides:

  • professional grade software tools for:
    • subtitling,
    • captioning,
    • audio description,
    • voice-overs,
    • conforming,
    • translation,
    • transcription
  • Runs on PC or Mac.
  • Add and remove users with no limits
  • Scale up or down at any time
  • Users can be located anywhere
  • Prepare and distribute Projects to users
  • User web services for
    • Machine translation
    • Speech to text
    • Synthetic voices for AD and voice-over


Nebula provides:

  • Backend processing for localization formats
    • Extract
    • Encode
    • Transcode
    • QC
    • Convert
  • Create Proxy media
    • Encrypt
    • DRM
  • Create and deliver media and metadata Projects to Stellar users
  • Control and monitoring of all users
  • Logging and cost tracking of all users


Stellar and Nebula are sold on a per-use basis, you only pay for what you use. There are no up-front costs and no monthly commitments, you can ramp the number of users and your usage up and down at any time.

We can help you keep your business running while supporting home working and self-isolation.

Let’s talk.

Best regards and keep well,

from Mr Neb and everyone at Yella Umbrella

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