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Introducing Stellar – A browser based Web App for working with timed text and media.


There are many reasons to create and edit text timed against media and Stellar provides a set of tools to do this for a range of applications; quickly, simply and cheaply.

By working in conjunction with Nebula’s powerful distributed processing capabilities Stellar provides the best combination of performance, flexibility, security and ease of use.

Stellar provides the speed and user experience of a PC App with the flexibility and easy deployment of a Web App

What is Stellar for?

Use Stellar to create, edit or review:

○ Subtitles

○ Closed Captions

○ Audio Description

○ Synthetic voices for presentations and voiceovers

○ Transcripts

○ Automatic speech to text transcripts

Where is the media?

Stellar supports access to any media type, located anywhere in the world.
○ No need to download large files
○ No need to set up transcoders
○ Supports streaming formats
○ High security features as standard

One user or a hundred users?

Stellar is totally scalable:

○ One quick edit to do ?- No problem

○ Need to deploy to 100 external workers quickly? – That’s exactly what Stellar is for.

○ Ramp up for a one off project without buying expensive software? – Yes

Looking for cloud flexibility?

Stellar offers unparalleled flexibility in choosing where to process your valuable media files. The often conflicting requirements of security, cost and fast access make it challenging to design your media editing workflows. Stellar allows you to tailor specialist tools to fit in with your workflows and to process your media files where and when you choose.



  • Video display.
  • Video controls
  • Video Overlay display
  • Audio scrubbing
  • Timecode display
  • Single text editor
  • Multiple Text Editor
  • Multi-column Text Editor
  • Timed text Timeline display/editor
  • Waveform Timeline display
  • Thumbnail bar
  • Shot change detection and display
  • Audio Description editor
  • Audio description voice recorder
  • Audio Description Pan & Fade controls
  • Audio Description audio, pan  & fade Timeline display
  • Audio Description multi track Timeline display
  • Synthetic voice controls
  • Synthetic voice phonetic mark-up control
  • Synthetic voice preview and edit control
  • Transcription editor
  • Automatic speed-to-text review & correct control


  Stellar – runs in Chrome.


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