Nebula offers unparalleled flexibility in choosing where to process your valuable media files. The often conflicting requirements of security, cost and fast access make it challenging to design your media handling workflows. Nebula allows you to tailor specialist tools to fit in with your workflows and to process your media files where and when you choose while maintaining control from a web console.

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Media Cloud

Video Media Transcoding

  • Proxy creation
  • Shot change detection
  • Audio
    • Extraction
    • Insertion
    • Mixing
  • Subtitle and text burn in


  • File format conversion
  • File QC and correction
  • Time base conversion
  • Delivery format encoding and multiplexing
    • DVB
    • Teletext
    • Closed Caption (608 and 708)
    • Powerview
    • SCTE-27
  • Extraction from media files
Subtitles Cloud
mixing in the cloud


  • Audio extraction and insertion from media files
  • Audio mixing
    • Audio Description
      • With fade and pan settings
    • Dubbing
  • Multi track audio handling

Web Services

  •  Automatic speech to text
    • Wide range of services
  • Text alignment
    • Auto Align existing transcripts to program dialog
  •  Synthetic voices
    • Use machine generated voices for:
      •  Audio description
      • Voice over
      • Dubbing
    • Over 400 voices in 25 languages
  • Language translation
    • Wide range of translation services
    • Over 100 languages supported.
Task Upload
Media Analysis Cloud

Media Analysis

  • Shot change detection
  • Text detection and extraction
  • Face detection
  • Face recognition
  • Lip detection
  • Logo and object detection


  • Https and encrypted communications
  • Media can be streamed or downloaded
  • Multiple media protection options
    • Encryption
    • Watermarking
    • Two Factor Authentication
    • Full industry standard DRM
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Click to start using Nebula now with €20 free credit.